First Things First: What To Do When Your Property Sustains Water Damage

Let Experienced Pros Deal with Water Damage on Your Property ASAP

A flood, burst pipes, leaks–all these can cause water damage to your home. In large quantities, your property can be easily inundated by water, turning it into a dangerous setting in which to work. However,it’s not just the physical presence of the water that makes it so.

The danger lies in what’s left behind after the water dries. A common misconception of homeowners is that all it takes to get a house back in shape after a flood are an industrial vacuum, mop, and bucket. Unfortunately, water damage restoration entails a much more technical approach.

Serious Work for Serious Damage

Once the water subsides and the area is cleared, it is advisable to start your drying and cleaning work immediately, for it takes as little as 48 hours or fewer for mold and mildew to form. Because of the moisture resulting from the deluge, your house basically becomes an active petri dish of sorts, making it ripe for the growth and spread of these elements.

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